101 Contemporary Artists

"101 Contemporary Artists is a terrific survey of dynamic contemporary visual artists. An anthology of artists whose work is daring, truthful, and unafraid.  101 is a testimonial to the great diversity of this pivotal moment in our social fabric."  Terrence Sanders, Curator

Matt Milhouse/Townhouse Media, Painting, ArtPrize Artist Explains What's Up With All Those Feet



My body has frequently defined and shaped my life, usually in ways unrecognized by me at the time.  As a creature of contemporary culture and mores, I have unwittingly absorbed and reacted to my environment and experiences, responding somatically.  Seeking a clearer understanding of this corporeal framework, I have been examining this phenomenon, highlighting and questioning this embodied existence.  It seems particularly relevant today as we struggle to come to terms with our cultural biases based on gender, race and ethnicity, frequently rendering snap decisions based on physical appearances.

In making art, I use the body as an avenue of communication and gateway to understanding, using the figure to quietly speak of my experiences and, more broadly, about many women’s experiences, probing issues such as sexism.  Simply put, I use the body as my tool to depict phrases, emotions, reactions, or whatever it is that I am wrestling with or trying to convey.  My exploration can be literal, transforming an examination of influential life patterns into works exploring patternmaking using limbs, nonsensical and purely graphic configurations that simultaneously play on the notion of graphic depictions of nude female figures.   Or it can be metaphorical, using form and position connotatively.  In making work that reduces the figure to its most basic or component parts, it is my intention to recast objectification, taking a dehumanizing reduction and turning it around into an avenue of connection.

I am a recipient of grants from the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, the Vermont Studio Center, and the Sarah Stanley Gordon Edwards and Archibald Cason Edwards Fellowship and am a Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Fellow.